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Anthony Reynolds

Integrative Counsellor & Men's Mentor

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Meet Anthony

Artist, mentor, and pilgrim of the soul,

Anthony invites his clients to see their pain as a potent teacher that beckons us to wake up and transform—to abandon the pursuit of finally being "fixed," and to instead, take a wiser, more compassionate approach to growth and healing.

Core Focuses

Anthony's practice is inclusive to any and all who seek to better their lives, with special attention on the following areas: 

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General Mental Health

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Mens Groups & Retreats

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Shadow Work

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Somatic Embodiment

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Relationship Counselling

Meet Anthony
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Tailored offerings for men who wish to grow into more effective, empowered, and whole human beings, in their lives and relationships.

Men's Programs

"Anthony is an incredible mentor who is a human first. I've had amazing results with him and would love for anyone to experience the unfolding that I've had so far. One thing that is different with him versus other practitioners is his level of attunement. I really felt seen, like we went way back. This made it easy to open up and trust in the process.

I came wanting to work on my relationships and to feel a sense of being grounded in the world. After our sessions, I started to see a shift in the way I viewed my loved ones. Mainly, moving from a fear-based, protective stance to becoming an inquisitive, open and proactive candidate in my own dynamic with others."


Mentoring Testimonials

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