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About Anthony

Anthony is an artist, mentor, and pilgrim of the soul. Having crossed the threshold of a life once burdened by addiction, depression, and chronic illness, he now stands on the other side of his own triumphant healing journey, inviting his clients to see pain as a potent teacher that beckons us to wake up and transform. 


Through the existential and humanistic psychotherapy lineages, Anthony encourages those he counsels to abandon the pursuit of finally being "fixed." He instead invites his clients to take a wiser, more compassionate approach to self, acknowledging that one's growth and healing is a lifelong path that can be rewarding at every stage of the journey. He recognizes that he is a flawed human being, just like the rest of us, moving through life with deep questions, bumping into answers, and redistributing the treasures found to his broader community of mentees, clients, and peers. He tirelessly seeks to be more free, and to help others do the same.


In his spare time, Anthony enjoys writing and performing music, ideally in small, intimate settings. When he isn't mentoring men, he is being mentored by men.

Background & Qualifications

Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy - The Living Institute (3 years)

Holistic Experiential Process - The Living Institute (4 years)

New Warrior Training - The Mankind Project (retreat)

Masterheart Co-Mentoring - Powerful and Loving (group mentoring)

Continuum Movement - With Kim Brodey (private mentoring), Robin Becker (intensive)

Radical Acceptance - With Chris Oliphant & Ronna Smithrim (intensives)

Core & Advanced Integral Theory Study - Integral Life (online studies)

Yoga Teacher Training - With Michelle Cormack (200 hours)

Bowspring Yoga - With Noelle Cormier (private mentoring)

Vipassana Meditation - Dhamma Torana (three 10-day silent retreats, three service periods)

Ayahuasca Ceremony - (4 years of monthly ceremony, private mentoring)

International Coaching Federation - (past member)

Starter Company Business Certificate - City of Brampton (1 year)

YourCompany Business Certificate - Region of Peel (1 year)

At-Risk Youth Counselling - Knights of Columbus/Ozanam (5 years)

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